Journeys rough road

Winston Ads-1Not exactly sure why people who smoke or vape are so hated. ( I certainly have my opinions which involves greed and power).  I am really concerned for the smokers who have been constantly thrown under the bus and discriminated against who for the most part, many  have complied with the new laws of the land to quit smoking the “vile, toxic and forbidden weed”( ANTZ words, not mine)  that remains a legal, extremely profitable product for not only Tobacco Companies but each and every State and the Federal Government that benefits from the sale of the STILL legal overpriced and highly taxed product.  Millions of Smokers became e-cig users and Vapers all by themselves when THEY made a choice to transition to a product that by all accounts is at least 95% safer than traditional combustible tobacco.   There are numerous studies and research papers, peer reviewed and replicable on all fronts for the public to consume and research for themselves.  You wont find them easily as they are buried in the deep dark crevices of research and science under the guise of “Public Health”.  The only information the public will hear regularly is that Vaping is Still Smoking and it could not be further from the truth.  The Media and Vaping  opponents have the data and scientific studies, but refuse to acknowledge their existence because it hurts their fiscal agenda.    Education is key to anything that benefits some.   Time to Educate and expose  the opponents who fear the loss of revenue and control over those who they continue to demean, deny healthcare, look down upon, chastise, mistreat, scoff at and made to feel like lepers and 2nd class citizens.  This is the beginning of Vaping 101.  We don’t need lobbyists, PR firms, and biased “bought and paid for” Media to reach the masses .  We need truth and science and leaders in the Vaping Industry to take the reigns and help follow the roadmap to where the end result will be fair, reasonably regulated and marketed products that help people who have chosen to make a Life Changing Decision live happier and healthier Lives.

My goal to build a Coalition to combat the discrimination against smokers and vapers is built on the knowledge that we know what we know, we will work on what we don’t know and continue to improve with Advocacy, Compliance (based on commonsense), Education and Sponsoring to reach as many people affected by the choice to smoke when they were teens and not hold them accountable for that choice for the REST OF THEIR LIVES and watch them prematurely get diseased and die without giving them options to fix that choice if THEY SO  CHOOSE.   There is no better choice.  Other options have failed miserably.

Just so you know, some of  the opponents who offer nothing else to help fix the problem are as follows:   Dick Durbin, Richard Blumenthal, Joe Vitale, Barbara Boxer, Sherrod Brown, Carl Waxman, Jay Rockefeller, Tom Harkins, Ed Markey, and Mark Leno.  Lets not forget, the American Lung Association, the American Cancer Society, and the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids and many Big Tobacco Companies.  By the way none of the above have ever called for a ban on Combustible Tobacco as it will never be banned with the signing of the Tobacco Control Act of 2009.

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