Journey taking new route.

DG-2Recently, I read where Bob Scheifer , journalist and Host of “Face the Nation” who recently retired shared and confirmed what many people think about the news we are bombarded with 24/7.    He said ” most of the news is wrong and it is wrong on purpose”.  This is so simple, yet profound on so many levels.  It’s taken its toll on many who seek to enhance the quality of their lives and the lives of their families.   At the risk of sounding arrogant and presumptuous most people’s attention spans are quite short as life gets in the way constantly.   We tend to make life changing decisions on what other alleged experts, journalists, political pundits, and talking heads offer as news that we accept as truth.  That attitude couldn’t be further from the truth.

Powerful politicians don’t feel they have to tell the truth.  The corruption on Local, State, and Federal level is at epidemic proportions and most who get to Washington have had to sign on with many Special Interest Groups and it becomes almost impossible to compromise and therefore misinformation, denials, and outright lies begin and takes on a life of its own.    Simply put, this is where the problem begins and grows.   This becomes fortified by the media who struggles to find its place in the minds of the listeners and readers.  The news sources have received “paid for ” press releases with wrong information, misinformation, fraudulent data, research, and cherry-picked junk science.  They perpetuate these myths and lies with little or no regard to the damage they do and seem to walk away unscathed.  This is NOT Journalism.  The so-called journalists we have today are nothing more than stenographers who parrot what they have been paid to say.

As of this posting, we await the FDA’s Regulations on how to define and handle the E-cigarette and Vaping Controversy.  It’s long overdue according to the opponents of the Vaping Community.   The opponents are the American Lung Association, the American Cancer Society, the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids, the handful of Powerful Washington Politicians and others who fear the loss of Billions of Dollars in Tax Revenues as smoking combustible tobacco is waining.  More and more smokers who have decided to switch to this less harmful product and yes it has been said, researched and proven that its at least 95% less harmful than traditional cigarettes.    This has created anger on so many levels that the opponents who have resorted to lies to further their fiscal agendas and soothe their damaged egos that they are willing to blame their FAILURES in the past regarding tobacco control on e-cigs and vaping that they are willing to resort to this unfair fight with very few people challenging them and use the vaping industry as their Scapegoat.

In the coming weeks, more information through Advocacy, Compliance, Education, Sponsoring and (Strategies) ACES will be made available for anyone who cares to read and fact check the truth, along with using the most beneficial tool, which is COMMONSENSE AND LOGIC.   There are about 48 million adults and teens who still smoke and use tobacco daily who should be able to get real facts and truths about Tobacco Harm Reduction so they can make a decision when / if  THEY SO CHOOSE.   No one in the vaping communities will ever say that vaping is 100% safe.  Nothing is, but commonsense dictates that products that are “safer” should be made available and affordable, reasonably regulated and defined for what they really are.  Vaping is NOT smoking.   Vaping has helped millions of smokers to quit smoking,  Vaping was NOT initiated by Big Tobacco,  E-cigs and Vaping is NOT marketed to Kids and all states should have laws in place to prevent access by minors.  Vaping is NOT re-normalizing smoking.  Vaping is NOT a gateway to tobacco use.   Vaping CAN and HAS changed the lives more than any other alternative in Smoking Cessation.  Even though powers that be say that we can’t call it a “smoking cessation device”,one of the side effects is that when you buy an E-cig starter kit or start vaping regularly is that you won’t smoke traditional cigarettes ever again.  Whatever you hear in the news, please accept or reject with commonsense and logic on your own.  If you are in a burning building would you rather jump from the 2nd story OR 32nd story?  YOU DECIDE…………..Just so you know.      I’ll be back soon.

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