Journey – Day 50

What would be nice if I ever heard from an E-Cigarette  or Vaping Device Opponent using words like PROVEN instead of :   maybe, possibly, could,  has potential to, in theory, uncertain, notional, presumed, unsubstantiated, hypothetically, chancey, dicey, unsound, tricky, precarius, doubtful, hazy, clouded, unpredictable, fluctuant, and made up shit has shown that, then you might have SOME CREDIBILITY……………You can’t, and you have had over 7 years to PROVE it and you can’ shut the f@%! up and let people who want to make an intelligent decision on what has been PROVEN be the determining factor for THEIR decision.  You want a fair fight then start fighting FAIR.   Since money is your driving force behind your speculation, assumptions, and fears that you are dumping on a nation of at least 50 MILLION smokers, its time to re-think who you are trying to “f” with, and what is going to come raining down on your strategies, attempts to control and  to manipulate one quarter of the US population who, when pissed off enough will rise up and hold you accountable for your immoral, hypocritical, insane, illegal, embarrassing, and scienceless based bullshit and what might you think will NEVER come back and bite you in the ass.    Just so you know…….The Electronic Cigarette and Vaping army is growing to meet the challenge to put you and your ilk in their place, so the rest of us can get on with our lives and deal with what is really important in our daily lives.   This is not the first rodeo for many of us and we do KNOW what you stand for and what you are looking for as a payoff.

To presume that anyone in the e-cig manufacturing business would market to kids when that clearly has never been a “thought” let alone a marketing ploy is false and YOU KNOW IT, so stop saying it……..To assume that flavors entice kids when adults have always enjoyed flavorings (as in Your Vodka and shots) as well as over 65-70 flavors in gum that has been proven to be used primarily by adults AND it has been PROVEN that the majority of e-cig users and mod users love flavors as it helps with their quitting regular tobacco cigarettes is false and YOU KNOW IT, so stop saying it…………To speculate that e-cigs are a GATEWAY for non-tobacco users to begin their initiation into tobacco use and addiction to nicotine is comical at best and false and YOU KNOW IT, so stop saying it…………To claim, that your research shows the propencity for 2nd hand vapor to be is problematic and dangerous as regular cigarettes that when vaped and exhaled is as dangerous is not only false, but a BIG FAT, LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE LIE, and YOU KNOW IT, so stop saying it………… 

To CLAIM (and I checked with Legal Counsel) ,is to open yourself up to litigation, so be prepared for the  LOUD CALL TO SUBSTANTIATE YOUR MYTHS,  MISINFORMATION  AND LIES…….as it is coming, sooner rather than later.   Just so you know.

It’s harmful, corrupt, illegal  and irresponsible to assume, discourage, and not respond to what you (IMHO) have been asked to do by the very people who placed you in your positions to help guide the same folk that are rewarded and paid handsomely for their responsibility to take care of, educate, guide, encourage, and support the enhancement of the “quality of peoples lives”.   The WHO, the CDC, the FDA, the NCI, the ALA, the ACS, the AHA, the CFTFK, The Eight Democratic Senators and lawmakers and other well paid and rewarded organizations whose JOB it is to fix problems and remain DECENT and HONEST while doing it.    This should be a fair and honest fight and not a slaughter or millions of people just because of fiscal greed and your need to control and feed your camera seeking needs and ego……Just so you know.    You know who you are.    By the way, I’m a nobody and I KNOW what you’re doing………so it’s safe to assume that smarter people than myself know as well and they will come a “lookin for ya”.   Did I say, Just so you know?

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