Journey – Day 23 – 49

Was recently in Florida and got yelled at for feeding some birds along the beach as they “appeared” to be hungry.  Saw a few “dead” birds on the same beaches.  For whatever reason, I apparently broke the law for having some compassion.   Rules are made to be adhered to, I imagine.  I asked the admonishing person a simple question as to why it bothered her so much that I was feeding hungry birds.  I was told that “it upsets the eco-system”.   She continued to tell me that it was natures way of “thinning the herds” so that others may thrive.  ?????????   So simple and plausible to my feeble mind and thinking, and I’m not a mental giant, but that confuses my feeble, and uneducated mind.     Not the sharpest tool in the shed, but it made no sense to me, so I continued to give food to Gods creatures, and flipped her off. (how rude of me.)   I guess I’m a rebel, maverick, freak, and nuisance to society for caring.    This person must have been friends to Dick Durbin, Barbara Boxer, Sherrod Brown, Richard Blumenthal, Carl Waxman. Jay Rockefeller, and others who wish to not help those who are trying to enhance the quality of their lives by quitting smoking and creating more stress whilest they apparently “try to thin the herds”.Just so you know.

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