Journey – Day 22

DG-2CancerMouth-1Picture it…..the former Winston Man and Rick Bender sitting in a vape shop in Florida trying to figure out how to defend ourselves against all the hate and negativity from the Anti-tobacco Organizations just because we think, feel, believe,and know that the electronic cigarette has the greatest potential to enhance the lives of tobacco users when and should they ever decide to cut down or quit using tobacco. By the way Rick Bender lost a large portion of his face from Oral Cancer and has spent the last 20 years or so like myself educating kids about the dangers of tobacco. Rick and I make no apologies for our involvement with American Heritage Electronic Cigarettes. We passionately believe in them and will continue to educate the public on the truth behind this device. Is it perfect? No. Is it totally safe? Probably not. BUT WHAT IS ? Is driving, flying, playing sports, or any risky behavior totally SAFE ? Of course not, but we continue to do these things daily.

There is no anti-freeze in e-cigs…… is not marketed to minors and should never be………it is not meant for non-smokers as a gateway device…….the flavors are for adults ( I know a lot of adults who sure do like their flavors in Vodka and their Ice Cream ). The naysayers need to stop making this crap up and the only way to get them to behave is embarrass them it seems. Since millions of e-cig users are satisfied with THEIR decision to vape or not, why not embrace this device, reasonably regulate it as its not that difficult to research 4 or 5 ingredients, market it responsibly, monitor its successes regularly and watch the numbers of premature deaths decrease exponentially. American Heritage Electronic Cigarettes has given Rick and I a platform to keep telling our stories to as many people who want to hear it.

I truly want to see this product remain a viable option for tobacco users and we plan to set the record straight and dispel all the myths surrounding the made up controversy and electronic cigarettes. Tobacco is a problem looking for a solution and this is the best solution anyone has come up with I assure you.

The medias silence on this is deafening and we need to raise the level of awareness on electronic cigarettes and stop throwing smokers under the bus. Rick Bender and I plan to do just that. Just so you know.

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