Journey – Day 21

AmericasBest-5Took some time away to research, gather my thoughts, throw-up a few times, watch the decay  of the e-cigarette controversy progress to an all-time low within this “so-called great country of ours”.  We are in the toilet folks and there is no nicer way to say it.  We have scraped the bottom of the barrel in politics, medicine, media and social engineering..  To put the continuous rhetoric and lies surrounding the controversy being manufactured in the public line-up of things to worry and agonize over has pushed me over the edge.  The Electronic Cigarette controversy is literally being made up and fabricated daily by the aforementioned organizations that buy and sell press releases for their own agenda.  The sad state of affairs we are observing are serving the opponents well.  The polls that suit the agenda of politicians, medical establishment and (of course) the so-called media are being waved like the American Flag.   Pretty sick of it, and I’m pretty sure it may be “too little too late”.  The FDA rendered its deeming regulations on 4/24/14 and there has been so many comments, analysis, speculation, opinions, editorials,  suggestions, and writings which forces me to add my 2 cents.   Folks, the FIX IS IN….STRATEGY has been established and the FDA, CDC, and GOV’T politicians already have their “marching orders” by Big Tobacco.

Do with this information what you wish…..In addition, the in-fighting between Mitch Zeller, his ilk, Tim McAfee, Tom Harkins, Dicky Durbin, Boxer, Schumer, Brown, and Dicky Bluenthal has reached a new high according to some very “usual suspects”.     Again, the fix is in……….and I’m not telling you something you folks in the so-called e-cig industry don’t already know or believe.  Your efforts are appreciated.  But………….just sayin, and that’s what I do when I have confirmation.  I don’t speculate or suppose.  I deal in truths and facts now.  I didn’t always tell the truth about tobacco issues, statistics, surveys etc. , especially when I lied and put misinformation into the media, schools, Heath Departments, and government even though I did it unwittingly.   More later.

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