Journey – Day 20

They say that success is the not end result but the JOURNEY is the success. I’d like to meet this person and let him/her know they are full of it.  The journey is not only exhausting, but also overwhelming and frustrating to say the least.  The conflicts, the resolutions, the end of the journey never seems to come to fruititon.  Here is where we are at this point of the journey.

Having been involved in the “tobacco field” for over half of my life in one way or another, I find myself to be a self appointed expert ( in theory only ) as the only initials after my name is “b” for bimbo, but my mind is so full of the same crap that every expert experiences, that I include myself in this poll.  What is an expert?  “Having or showing special skill or knowledge because of what you have been taught or what you have experienced”.  “Experts have a prolonged or intense experience through practice and education in a particular field”.   Sometimes I think “we are so smart, we become somewhat stupid”, as common sense and logic leaves the self appointed expert.  Not to mention, funding and grants and lots of money and lifetime careers.    I am at odds with alot of the other “so-called experts”, and I’m at the crappy end of the stick at this point, since I don’t have all “that book learnin stuff”.  Not enough starch in my collar. It reminds me of the question, “what to you call the medical student who graduates at the bottom of the class?   DOCTOR”,  yuk yuk. There seems to be so many experts with differing opinions that its scary to say the least.  Some Doctors and Scientists say 2nd hand smoke kills, yet others say its just an “annoyance”.  Some Research and Clinical trial people talk about all the poisons, gases, irritants, vapors, toxins, carcinogens, and poluttants in tobacco and tobacco smoke , yet no one can tell whether there are 4600 chemicals, gases and poisons etc. or 10,000.   See, the FDA wanted to regulate tobacco in 2009 and with the legislation of the Tobacco Control Act, they also wanted federally generated tax revenues for life, thus, the FDA was BARRED  from ever banning tobacco outright. What a coup. This was all strategised as early as 1994 and 1995 and the documents prove this.  This is not just a conspiracy theory, but well documented in the tobacco files that was being compiled with Peter jennings of ABC NEWS.   Sadly, he died of lung cancer before he could get to the right “experts” for validation, verification, fact and proof checking and then mysteriously disappeared.   Does anyone else see the hypocrisy in how the the Anti-Smoking tobacco controllers and the feds, partnered with Big Tobacco and became the ultimate “Strange Bedfellows”?    After the Tobacco Control Act of 2009, people will say that “prohibition”, does not work, yet the FDA has done NOTHING to make tobacco safer, so why regulate it?  All they are regulating is the amount of money going into the cash register.  When questions are asked, the only answer you get from the Government, Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids, the American Lung association and their ilk is that it all takes time.  I’ve given it over half my life and we are back where we started.   All the lies about the data and research coming from tobacco  control is going to be exposed and these folks will dance and lie around the truth, using the spin they have become “experts” in.  Remember, experts need to practice and the Anti-Smoking movement has had plenty of practice, plenty of money, and even lies about it  when they don’t have to.  Yes, they lie…..the proof is there…..and I’m just saying what alot of people are “thinking”.  With the knowledge I have, the experiences I have lived, the research and due dilligence necessary to sound intelligent, and remain passionate rather than exhausted, frustrated, angry and vehemently opposed to liars and bullies, especially when the difference really is life and death, I can’t let the Anti Smoking and Tobacco Controllers get away with “pretending” to care about  smokers and tobacco users when, what I believe can be the best alternative to smokers (electronic cigarette) far beyond anything they have been able to offer in the last 50 years.  Instead of embracing Tobacco Harm Reduction products that have been proven to benefit the Adults who are willing to make a choice “all on their own”, they (anti-smoking zealots and politicians funded by pharmacutical companies) continue their fear-mongering, false media hype, lies, mis-information, falsified bias slanted and tainted purchased clinical data that can’t stand the scrutiny of other experts.  They really do need to stop this now.  How can that be done?  How do you stop a run-away train?  Well, first, you tell the truth, back it up with facts, facts, and more facts.  The Tobacco Harm Reduction experts have the facts and science.  It needs to get out to the public in spite of the efforts of those who are contradicting legitimate clinical information that is being disseminated slowly.  Actually, much too slowly to suit me.  The media won’t do it either.  They are incapable of gathering legitimate facts or just too dam lazy, or don’t give a rats ass.  Probably all 3 rolled into one HUGE  3 Stooges Movie.  (Moe being played by the politicians, the BULLY…….Larry being played by Big Pharma, the KNOW IT ALL……. and Curley played by Tobacco Control, the BUFFOON, ZEALOTS, WACKOS, AND NUTJOBS.)      By the way, for the most part, it’s being directed by the  s0-called MEDIA, (with the exception of Greg Gutfeld of “The Five”, my new hero who has a “pair”),  who is making this horror film, being paid for by the smokers who are also paying for the hatred and discrimination being piled on them.

I have taken an advisory position with a leading electronic cigarette manufacturer called American Heritage International, Inc.  I am also their spokesperson, and glad to have finally made the choice to put my expertise to work, rather than always be a computer (keyboard) wizard and express myself with words and not actions.  It’s time to take ACTION.   In my humble opinion, I have read almost every “experts” opinion on the device that potentially has the greatest chance to save lives and I am only one of the passionate people who cares enough to work toward correcting the lies and disseminate proven evidence and who can hopefully help raise the level of awareness, proportionate to the havoc that is being wreaked on tobacco users once and for all by all the naysayers, and media creating this fearmongering for their own financial gains and/or stupidity.  The means in which to do this will take huge leaps of faith by not only the organization who has entrusted me to fulfill my obligation, but also a fearless, no nonsense calling out of those responsible for the nightmare being caused under the “guise of public health”.

My goal is to help make sense of this and hopefully get some of our alleged leaders who feel the need to control others (rather than assist), de-normalize (rather than assist), criminalize (rather than assist), socially engineer to their requirements (rather than assist) to change their approach which if it does not change, can only serve to create Civil Disobedience which is where this is heading.  Sometimes your the windshield and sometime you’re the bug…….YoungDave-2

One thought on “Journey – Day 20

  1. I think you misread the media. I don’t think they are incapable of gathering legitimate facts, are too dam lazy or don’t give a rats ass. I think they have a more primal motive, money. Big Pharma invests tons of money in media via advertising. The e cig industry is spending a little, but watch how many drug ads run a day, both on radio and tv. Anything they can do to keep BP dumping money at them will certainly be done and the RATZ give them plenty of ammunition to work with.

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