Journey – Day 19

After much soul searching and reflection I’ve decided to finally get to the point of this narrative.  I could drone on and on about what use to be or I can get serious and let you know what will be.   First of all, I never expected to change one persons mind on either side of the tobacco issue, either for or against.  I never expected my narrative to influence anyone to change their views or opinions for that matter.  I say this as no postings that I have read were able to influence me to switch sides on any issue whether it be political, environmental, religion, or abortion, or any other controversial matter that shows up in so many ways on the social and/or informational pages of the “social network”.  That being said, I can now move forward with my life and know that I have shared my experiences with those who might care so in the future there will b e no mistake that I covered my ass.

My experiences and views lead me to a new beginning in my “Golden Years”.  I am above the opinions that other people have of me and I really don’t care.  I recently went to my 45th High School Reunion and had a great time.  I saw probably 30% of those I graduated with so many years ago. Some aged better than others, some had miserable lives, some had fantastic opportunities, and others looked genuinely content and happy with the outcomes of their lives up to this point.  I was shocked when I read down the list of those who had passed away in the program that was printed and I knew that the circle of life is indeed real.  You are born, you live, you die.

Right now, the Anti-tobacco movement  and lawmakers are creating  more hate, denormalization, fearmongering and malicious lies that are preventing an opportunity to enhance the quality of smokers  lives and pushing so many people who chose to smoke as young teens, young adults, and mature adults into a state of confusion and dispair.  I saw this happen before and I can’t let it happen again with out a Fair Fight.

I strongly believe the new innovative product(not so new) that was brought here from China in 2005 or 2006 is probably the best thing that could happen to an individual who is looking for an alternative to their smoking addiction.  If they choose to cut down or quit altogether, it should be their perogative and not that of a bunch of bullies trying to advance their fiscal futures by using the electronic cigarette as their scapegoat and excuse for their miserable failures in tobacco control and at the same time using fearmongering and scare tactics, lies, misinformation and paid for research that will guarantee the legislators, lawmakers, medical cronies, and tobacco controllers a life time tenure in their positions.  Their failures cannot be repeated as this really has become a matter of life and death for millions of people who simply wish to make a decision for themselves and what best suits their lives.  THEIR DECISION BASED ON TRUE HONEST TO GOODNESS SCIENCE THAT HAS PROVEN THE VIABILITY OF THIS INNOVATIVE PRODUCT.   The decision should be based on that along with reasonable answers to questions, concerns and longevity of this option.

I will spend every day lobbying for this choice for millions of Americans and human beings all over the world.  I have done my homework for 5 years and I am convinced more than ever of its place in our society as a Tobacco Harm Reduction device and will appeal to my past colleagues and employers to open up their mind, seek the obvious truth, and not let the huge egoes confuse this issue any longer.   High taxation, regulation, bans, lies, junk science and any other methods you use to disparage the “life saver” this product has the potential to become will be fought with millions of other people who are smarter, younger, sharper, quicker and wealthier but never MORE passionate than I.

I have accepted a Board Advisory position and have become the spokesperson for American Heritage International that manufactures and distributes American Heritage Electronic Cigarettes.  I am thrilled to be able to do this with my tobacco history and am excited to see where this challenge will take me in helping to imporve the quality of peoples lives as well as help the e-cigarette industry stay planted firmly in the marketplace before more and more irresponsible legislation, de-normalizing and social engineering of 52 million Americans can be dumped on this society and all around the world….stay tuned as their is a “hurricaine a’comin”.  Tobacco control is going to be pissed.!!!!! Oh well…..Sometimes you just have to do, what you have to do.  The wheels of the bus go round and round and I don’t want smokers thrown under the bus anymore.DG-1

2 thoughts on “Journey – Day 19

  1. Hey David,

    Before I even got to that point in your Day 19 I was asking myself if you could take your anti-cig gravitas to the new alternative. And there I see you did. Great minds. Good luck.


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