Journey – Day 18 Republished from yesterday (some glitch?)

Yes indeed the tobacco issue is a huge machine and should be treated with care as you would any monster or dangerous piece of equipment.  It has the ability to suck you up, rip you to smithereens,chew you up, spit you out and leave you left to die and wither away.   There are so many blogs, writings and opinions that create this “so-called” controversy  that continues to perpetuate all the myths and controversies and keeps giving this incredible legs  to keep it in the forefront in the media with little regard to what it is doing to the smokers and tobacco users who keep paying for this discrimination in societies now all over the world.  The power behind the massvie destructive machine sadly is driven from the top down.  Now, this really is nothing new and you can’t totally blame Obama.  I just blame him for the stupid and ridiculous Tobacco Contro Act of 2009 giving FDA regulatory powers over tobacco.  This war on tobacco has been strategized starting over 50 years ago. Yup, 50 years in the making folks.  He is just as confused as the rest of the schnooks in Government, Public Health sector, and Medical/Scientific Community.  I said, “schnooks”. Certainly the tobacco controversy that somebody started created  such hate from our lawmakers, public health, and medical/science communities and how they got to this point, should be exposed.  Just sayin……..The media won’t/can’t do it, so let me share my knowledge, insights and first hand experiences I have lived and witnessed.  Do with this information “what you will”. Some people tell me its cathartic.

The following questions I asked in my infancy in tobacco control ranged from:    Q. If tobacco kills so many people in the US every year consistently and we know it…..WHY NOT BAN IT?       A.  Because prohibition does not work……”okayyy”?.     Q.  How come we can ban asbestos ( it  stopped being manufactured in 1978, but used until 1986 in buildings and construction as the law said it could use up the supply in stock).   The EPA banned it totally in 1989.   A. ? (not sure, but we can look into it).     Q.  If Asbestos Carcinogens are only 2nd to Tobacco Carcinogens, I don’t understand why $$ is more important and you know this is the # 1 question kids ask me at the schools I talk to.      A. It all takes time.  “OH… OK ????  wtf..     Q. How much time?     A. When the money runs out ! ” oh, now I get it.”      Q. If 2nd hand smoke is so harmful, why are many scientists arguing with the findings, research, and data?       A. Because our scientists are better and the Tobacco Industry scientists and independent scientists are all “shills”and are “EVIL”.  Our science is better !  Now “shut up and go out report these findings to the tens of thousands of kids we are paying you to “EDUCATE”.Now “go away” your bothering me”.    Q.  “How come we don’t enforce the laws we currently have to stop illegally selling to minors”.  The teenagers are telling me that 14, 15, 16, and 17 year olds have NO PROBLEM getting stores to sell them cigs.”.      A.  Because alot of cops smoke and don’t take it seriously…..go out and get them to believe you……that’l be your job….that’s what we are paying you for.  Educate and entertain and while your at it, slip in the gory details.   Those details were/are ” 434,000 Americans slaughtered by tobacco.each and every year……65 billion Debt for lost productivity in the workplace, Parents who smoke around kids are abusive, Pregnant women are having babies born premature and stillborn, 3000-4000 kids start smoking everyday.   Teeth are yellow, Stink, Smell, Loser,  Loser, Infidel.  They should be ashamed of themselves.”  I told kids from all cultures, economic status, race, religion, public school, private school that tobacco addiction does not discriminate.  All of this education,  daily from the time they were in 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade on up to H/S.  I began to questions tobacco control methods when I was expected to rip cigarettes out of the mouths of teens, pregnant women, waft my hand in fron of my nose, and make a gesture of animosity toward anyone using the vile weed. Shame them if you have to.     I found myself not wanting to go along to get along….I saw the tobacco controllers regressing…….it’s o.k. to tell someone they are fat….they stink and its being sanctioned by Public Health.  You start to beleive what you’re taught.   Tobacco Control started to use the Tobacco Indrustry’s playbook….If you think the enemy has a great idea….steal it and use it. Certainly, the tobacco industry sold alot of doubt over the years.  Tobacco Control started peddling doubt.    I was finding out that figures were flawed and not just by a little bit.  I told you earlier that I used humor to get my (their) message out and I was funny as hell, getting them to laugh and then slip in the Magical Gory Details and Information that they would need to retain.  The kids remembered me and we will find out very soon, how many remember me since 1989 when I started to go out  preaching the propaganda.  I was using propaganda that was being recommended by the FDA, CDC,ASH, CFTFK, ALF and all of this propaganda puts a smell on your shoe that won’t go away.  Tobacco Control was a huge business and I found out that studies they were using was extremely flawed and paid for with bias.   I was in way over my head now, and seemed my involvement was to be their puppet and voice.  I was told by Dr. Ron Davis, Office on Smoking and Health, “that by controlling the present….you can control the past”.  By bending science, tobacco control can purchase the science which will sell the political position they are aiming for.   I learned that Science  was/is …”the art of assembling an expert group to advance a favored outcome”.  I now firmly believe that for all science findings, there is an equal and opposite science finding.   I became very aware of the sound of “one-hand clapping”.   the silence is deafening.

I started to get thrown under the bus when I asked too many questions…..I was beginning to look like I was going “rogue” and could no longer be counted on to behave.   I had no fear of recrimmination….just unemployment……Tobacco Control was failing at every turn but still billions of dollars in funding was coming in, now worldwide and not just in the US.   The forcast was becoming grim.   Time to go big or shut up and go home.   The fight leaves you exhausted after so many failed efforts.  Kids were listening, but the tobacco industry was smater, and was looking for allies that could be counted on to further their cause.  I was rogue, but tobacco control wasn’t going to stand for it…..  I went home..”for a bit”! I wanted to find out just who I was working for.  It wasn’t long before I figured out where I went wrong in my programs.  I was trying to get the middle and high school kids to think for themselves and not be swayed by peer pressure.  Wasn’t I doing exactly what I was telling THEM not to do?CancerMouth-1

Of course, I did all this by being funny.  Funny is what kids respond to, since a graphic image of black lungs or clogged arteries, or open heart surgery, and gum disease, or leukoplakia, tongue cancer, throat cancer, and other various tobacco caused illnesses and diseases don’t concern teens as these things “only happen to old people….who are going to die anyway”.  The attitudes were different by all the “older people”, if you were unlucky enough to be the ones with those inflictions (self-inflicted or not).   My efforts were never to become a zealot, wacko or nutjob like so many others in T/C.   My efforts were to hopefully get kids to Never Start, and encourage those who were looking to quit or cutdown.  You think about dying alot more at 50 then at 15 years of age.   I couldn’t get the muckety mucks in T/C to understand kids and why they do things that every behavioral study proves that “you tell kids not to do something….they’ll do it”.  You make it available without punishing illegal sales by convenience stores, you don’t punish the manufacturers of tobacco who intentionally targeted and marketed kids, you make up flawed and ridiculous regulations, that make no sense at all other than to fatten the wallets or further the agendas of those regulators.   Create the illusion that you are doing SOMETHING… and  all the while very few changes occur while Tobacco Control applauds their efforts they made while spending year after year and millions and millions of dollars of other peoples money (primarily the smokers money) on programs that were sure to fail and of course they did.   As I said, I put my tail between my legs and went home scratching my head.  If other organizations had these miserable results with the billions of dollars that were made available to fight the good fight, heads certainly would roll.

The achievements of a well publicized “Tobacco Free Society” by Surgeon General Koop in 1984 never happened……..The “Smokefree Class of 2000”, by Tobacco Control never happened and even today the Anti-Smoking zealots are still telling me that they are making “progress”.  It does NOT WORK……….Kids are still going to smoke, dip, spit or chew tobacco.  Adults are still going to continue to smoke, dip spit or chew,  stores will still sell tobacco illegally evey day.   Cities will still ban the use of the “legal product” in public because they can.   Smokers will still be forced further and further away with the vile weed that continues to fill the coffers of tobacco control.  The amount of employed people in tobacco control is astounding and they may claim no one gets rich in tobacco control, I must beg to differ. States will still continue to raise taxes for any revenue deficiences they find and burden the smoker………….Keep discriminating against the user of tobacco…………THEN BAM !   Something comes along that just might have the potential to help motivate the smoker who,  in many cases would like to quit or maybe just have an alternative when they can’t smoke. What a brilliant concept….Come up with a product for the smoker or tobacco user that will give them the nicotine, just like all the other Nicotine Replacement Products that work only 8-10% of the time, mimic the habit you’ve had since you were most likely 14 or 15.  Use this product with the knowledge it only has 4-5 ingredients instead of 4675-8000 toxic poisons, gases, irritants, vapors, tars, pesticides and 60 known cancer causing carcinogens.And to top it off, its much cheaper and now you don’t have to smoke traditional cigarettes anymore, just like tobacco control wanted you to for all those years you were being scolded, chastised, taxed, ridiculed, made to feel terrible about yourself with low self esteem.  You are no longer going to expose your loved ones to cancer causing secondary and harmful, deadly foul smoke.  WIN WIN Right ???????????? WRONG.  I think the “Hitler strategy” applies here.  the bigger the lie, the more the people will believe it.

The Electronic Cigarette was introduced and it had every possibility of becoming the greatest life saving device for the nations (# 1 cause of preventable death) , and still tobacco control isn’t satisfied……Now they want IT banned.

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