The Journey – Day Two

DG-2Posting photos of myself, and my family is rare. #1. I’m not good at it. #2. I don’t presume to think other people will care. The reasons are to remind folks who know me OR know of me that I am totally convinced that family is everything and is really all that matters. I am aware of what public opinion will be after my story is told. I will not judge and I hope others will not judge me. It is what it is.

I was the Winston Man not the Marlboro Man. Actually he died this past Sat. (January 25, 2014) of COPD and Lung Cancer. I spent almost 7 years representing RJ Reynolds as the lead model for them. Exciting yes, and it opened many other doors for me. Was grateful for a long time. Traveled the country and helped create a new brand image which was the “Search and Rescue” campaign that helped move Winston to the #2 brand during that time. I felt proud and my ego got a big boost And to all my childhood and high school friends who knew me back then know what I’m talking about. I have pictures. Made lots of money. Worked with Harrison Ford as his double and stand-in. Did commercials, modeled, acted and lived my childhood dream. Sounds great ? Yes it certainly was.

Debbie and I were raising our three beautiful kids so it was easy to justify not only my smoking, (which by the way I started when I was 13-14) as well as justifying promoting what was to become one of the greatest controversies of all time. Tobacco has created billions and billions of dollars for many. Tobacco has created more blogs supporting freedom of choice and personal decisions. Tobacco has made non profit health organizations, local, state and federal government more corrupt and hypocritical than on any other issue. Tobacco has paralyzed the media in telling the truth, the whole truth, an nothing but the truth. Tobacco has made a mockery of our court system. Tobacco has turned the medical community on science, compliance, common sense and logic with junk science and irresponsible research that has little or no merit. Tobacco has made the majority of tobacco users feel like 2nd class citizens, and lepers. The tobacco users are fighting for their rights to do something that they chose to do as a teen ( in most cases, not all). This choice of a teen is pretty much the only thing we hold that person accountable for, for the rest of their lives. That makes absolutely NO SENSE.

If any of my f/b friends don’t like where this I going, I’ll understand, but its important for me to use this outlet instead of depending on any other source. This is an interesting story, and I promise I will keep it short and will probably be so sweet. Stay tuned if you care to. If not, that’s OK too. The picture of my daughter proves that some things can take your breath away. ( and as Martha would say…that’s a good thing).

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