The Journey Begins…

ImageBeen thinking about this for a while. Life always seems to get in the way when you try to make a small difference in the world. Not going to go to great length, but in 1980 I began a journey that has taken me on this roller coaster ride that brings me to the present in all phases of tobacco and tobacco control. Getting ready to bring this ride in for a landing. The Anti(s), haters, and politicians had better get ready for a bumpy ride. They had better hold on and be ready to explain their lies and bad behavior for the wealth and greed they coveted at some point rather than perpetuating education, compassion, introduction of harm reduction products and human decency that SHOULD have been their motivation. Shame on them. I guess it’s truer, in that the only way to change bad behavior is embarrass them. Sad that greed always outweighs fear. Embarrassment seems to be the only thing they MAY respond to…just sayin’.

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